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Ciao Barbara,
We had a magnificent trip. We cannot thank you enough for the first class service you provided us in planning our trip. I hope your trip went well also. We would be interested if you wanted to share what you did. We want to go back to Tuscany and stay a while next time! We wanted to share some details as it may be helpful when you assist others.

tour/guide: Riccardo was fantastic both days. Admittedly we were burned out and quickly went through the Uffizi. Tuscany was...Tuscan. We had a blast with Riccardo at the wineries. Train ride was relaxing and scenic. We went to see Tony at Enoteca and had a great visit with his wife also. I understand we just missed you! Went next door for lunch at Il Fagioli as Tony suggested. My "Italian" got us through a fantastic steak and fresh vegetables. We had another lunch at Buongusta as Riccardo suggested. so worth the 30 minute wait in line! Tony is the "mayor of Florence" we kept saying. Tony hooked us up with chef Francesco (got his cell) at La Bottega del Buon Caffe for white truffle chef tasting. Exceptional food and service and well worth the price.

That’s it for now I guess. Just thank you, thank you for your assistance in making this a special trip for us. Molto grazie!!!

Brian Strong

"Recently, I left the cold of New York to travel around the wine country of Italy. I decided not to just wing it-- Most likely the best decision I made in a while! I can't rate this tour highly enough, I would give it 10 stars...

Flying from JFK to Florence is a bit troublesome ...Long flight, connections in Zurich--by the time you land in Florence you are beat. Now you are in Florence at 10am in the morning and all you want to do is figure out how to get to your hotel---Bam! riccardo who runs the tour was waiting for me at the baggage claim ready to take me to my hotel! Awesome!

Riccardo and the team was amazing---he knows every little bar and cafe in the Florence, Rome and Tuscany. It was like a long lost friend picking me up in Italy and showing me his home country.

Transport was efficient and comfortable, tour guides informative and friendly, and you got a reasonable amount of time at each destination. Some of the best food and drink that I have experienced in Italy, and such a beautiful setting when it was not raining!
This tour is worth every single penny and you won't be disappointed with any aspect of it!

Chad Turnbull

Max: We finally made it home after 4 nice days in Istanbul. All of us greatly enjoyed being with you on that one day tour from the Grand Princess. The lunch was the BEST !!!!!!!! Each of us voted you the best FRIEND-GUIDE that we had on our vacation. Venice turned out to be fantastic along with Florence. The Amalfi coast was sooo beautiful but we had a terrible guide (you know those southern people) Ha.

We bought some Santi Brunello wine and it was beautiful.....especially if we let it breath a bit. I will try to get your wine suggestions locally. Lynda sends her best wishes.
Best regards,

Jim Morley

Thanks for the great Italian tour. Anne, Ann, Rich and I all feel that your efforts contributed greatly to our outstanding trip to Florence and surrounding areas. The two ladies stayed for three extra days and did all the shopping they could. They also visited the area you talked about being your neighborhood. Rich and I had an uneventful flight home.
Thanks again and be sure to remember you will always be welcomed in Minneapolis by the Cronnins and the Lohmanns.

John Lohmann

Dear Max-
Kelli and I made it to Roma this afternoon and are missing Florence already! The minute we stepped out of the train station, we had an argument with two different arrogant taxi drivers about the price they wanted to take us the 6 blocks to our hotel. The first thing I said to Kelli was, "see Max was right..."

We absolutely cannot thank you and Riccardo enough for your hospitality, generosity and friendship while we were in Florence! Our Chanti trip and city tour were better than we could have ever imagined. The fun-filled dinners were the cherry on top to what was an incredible four days. A sincere thank you again to you both for dinner and vino--really very thoughtful! Please forward this email to Riccardo as we don't have his email to thank him in person as well.

Ok, we are off to the gym before dinner at 'Gusto! A presto!

Max - Just want to drop you a note saying how much we enjoyed our trip and the time with you. If you ever consider coming to New Orleans please let me know. If you ever need a reference to a potential client I am happy to provide. Enjoy the week and I hope you clients this week as fun as we were :)

Steve Cavalier

Hi Max ..
On behalf of all the spice girls .. thank you again for your wonderful touring and all you did to make our time in Florence and Tuscany extra special!!

We all enjoyed the trip so much .. and wish we could have stayed forever.

We all agreed that the Chianti day with lunch at the farmhouse was a highlight of the trip. (Besides the shopping in Florence of course .. ) Venice was wonderful .. we loved the Gondola ride thru the canal .. we were the hit of the canal if you can imagine.
Write us soon and let us know on your next trip to Boston .. and we will tour you around our city
Kim Reilly

Hi Laura,
My clients have returned and are singing your praises for all the help and assistance that made their holiday very enjoyable. They have been spreading the word to work mates and family, so hopefully this will mean more business for you in the future and hopefully business in the door at this Agency.

Once again thank you very much.

Kind regards,

Bernadette Boyce

I just want to say thanks for helping make our trip to Florence a memorable one for our family. It was quite a workout chasing you around Florence but I have to expect we didn’t miss anything which is a tribute to you. Then of course our time with Max was beyond our expectation. But like yourself he got to appreciate our love and knowledge of wine and made what might have been an ordinary trip for him memorable for us all and hopefully him too. Its great when you can see things others don’t and he did that for us. I expect to hear from you when you come to Boston and max said he likely will too if its not to cold by then. Then you both will be off the clock and we can enjoy indulging some fine wines together.

Please extend our thanks to Max as well of course.

Regards and Ciao (I love this word),

Larry Snyder

We arrived home late last night and I have been reflecting on our wonderful trip all day.
I cannot thank you enough for your kindness.
We so loved our day with you. I appreciated your insights into the art and also into how much one can absorb. I think that guides often make the mistake of trying to cram in so much information that the visitor is left with too diffuse an impression. It was so much more interesting to have an overview of the city and a concentration essentially on one artist; it gave us so much more to think about. If we plan another trip to Tuscany, we would be thrilled to do it with you: art and food and wine, what could be better.
Again, my thanks for all your kindness and efforts for us. You were a joy to be with!


Gerri Gomperts

Dear Laura:
I wanted to tell you that our trip was amazing and we loved everything we experienced. However, the wonder and fun of the trip does not go 100% to Italy, itself. Rather you deserve credit, too. Each one of us felt so lucky to have met you. Your knowledge is impressive, surely. But it is the way you articulated it and your lovely manner that really knocked us out. You are a joy to be around and we were so very fortunate that we made your acquaintance and, we hope, friendship.

Stay well, our new friend, and many heartfelt thanks again.


Lizzy Perry

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